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Tennis - Instilling Life Lessons of Perseverance through Challenges

Roger Clarke, Hinsdale

Located in the Chicago metropolitan area, Roger Clarke engages as a tennis professional at La Grange Country Club and Hinsdale Racquet Club. Working with students of all ages, Roger Clarke brings focus to the sport’s technical aspects, as well as its potential for instilling a strong work ethic and fostering independence.

A recent Forbes article pointed to the specific attributes of tennis that make it a great teacher, including the fact that, unlike most other sports that feature individual achievement, the objective is not necessarily to “finish the fastest.” Because tennis is a game of ever-changing situations, it necessitates constant reevaluations and adaptations, with a focus on transforming weaknesses into strengths.

The individual is given a greater deal of responsibility, as he or she holds “complete control” over how well he or she performs on a given a day. In this sense, tennis is a form of competing with oneself to improve elements such as timing, footwork, speed, and overall awareness of the game. The successful player learns to weather the ups and downs with equanimity and persevere through challenges. Through becoming accustomed to failure and learning to channel mistakes into lessons, greater accomplishments accrue over time.

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